8 Water Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

Playing in the pool or by the water is definitely fun especially among kids, but it is also dangerous. Drowning is the number one causes of deaths among small children. So it is always important to be educated of the what to do when you are by the water. So, i’m sharing to you 8 water safety tips that you need to know.

  1. Supervision – always supervise and pay attention when the kids are in the pool or by the water. Mostly infants and toddlers are prone to drowning in the the bathtub, pre-schooler and grade school kids in the pool and bigger kids are prone to big bodies of water like lakes and oceans. So it’s always important to have constant supervision. Drowning is so quick and can happen in a few seconds.

2. Water safety device – it is always important to have floaties and life jackets provided for children especially if they don’t know how to swim yet. Even if they already know how to swim, it’s a must have to provide them with life jackets when they are canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, boating and other sports water activities. It’s risky for children to be in big bodies of water, so extra supervision and precaution is required even if they know how to swim.

3. Put a gate or locked up the gate around the pool  – if you own a pool i’m sure you already know the city ordinance that you have to have a gate around the pool. You have to make sure the gate is locked up all the time, you don’t want to risk the chance of anybody going to drown in the pool. It’s always safe than sorry.

5. Empty out – always empty out or drain your bath tub or mini swimming pool for children because even if the water is shallow little children especially toddlers can still drown. It is so quick and can easily be unnoticed.

6. Know CPR and always have a phone with you – all parents and caregivers should know how to give CPR and always have a phone next to you in case you need to call 911.

7. Enroll your kids to a swimming class – learning how to swim is one of the most important life skill they could have for the rest of their life. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children ages 4 and up should take swimming lessons. My child Olivia is enrolled in Goldfish Swim School, i can’t stress enough how much we love this swim school to know more about it check out my previous post about our experience and also my child’s progress in Goldfish Swim School here and here .

8. Teach your child the rules – teach the kids these rules: no running , no pushing and pulling in the pool, no diving in shallow water and no swimming without adult supervision. It is always important for everybody to know these rules so that it will stick to them and prevent any accidents in the future.

Thank you so much for reading!

*This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, all thoughts and opinions are mine.



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