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My Daughter’s Progress at Goldfish Swimschool

I can officially say my daughter Olivia finally knows how to swim after 3 months of training in Junior 1 at Goldfish Swim School. Now, every child is different some learned early, some are a little delay. But that doesn’t matter, what matters most is that you provide your child an important life skill that they have it  in them for the rest their lives. Here is a post of the importance and benefits of swimming lessons for children.

For Junior 2 ( 3-4 years old) this is what they will cover:

  1. flutter kicking with barbell float – 1 width
  2. Superman glide- 10 ft
  3. sea otter back float – 5 sec.
  4. octopus front float- 5 sec.
  5. pulling paddle, face in- 10 ft.
  6. swim, rollver, front-to-back-to-front, swim
  7. underwater jump, rollover, float
  8. climb out
  9. underwater jump, turn, swim to the wall

Olivia just started Junior 2 about a week ago . Aside from the improvement of  her skill level, her enthusiasm and confidence towards learning how to swim definitely improved. I believed that it has to do a lot with the instructors making it a fun experience for the kids. If you watched them it just seems like they are just playing in the water, moving their arms and legs but they are actually learning through the whole process. It takes a lot of patience to teach this little kids, i credit these instructors for doing such a great job. I admire their dedication towards their work and how they treat the kids. It’s fun to watch them. I’m just so happy with this experience with Goldfish Swim School. This  is a sponsored post but even if it’s not, it is my swim school of choice. Read our Goldfish Swim School experience here.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!




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