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    Motherhood in Blogosphere

    On April:  dress: Victoria Beckham for Target girls section/ bag: Sam Edelman / shoes: INC (old) other option here

    On Olivia :  dress : Victoria Beckham for Target / shoes: Gap kids / bag: Target (old)

    Some of you might be wondering if my world just consisted of photo shoots and ootd’s . If my life is perfect and put together like the outfits that i got inspired from Pinterest. If getting ready and putting make up on is breezy. My answer to all that is, NO.  I like to think that it’s a yes but it’s not. We all know that it’s not. My family is my number one priority, everything else is secondary but i also want to give an importance on self-care, both inside-out.

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    Embroidered Top

    On April: top: c/o Zaful / destroyed jeans: Hollister / bag: Prada (sold out) similar in different color here / sunglasses : Prada / shoes: Express (old) / watch : Daniel Wellington / bracelet : Kate Spade and Alex and Ani

    On Olivia:  dress: Victoria Beckham for Target / shoes : Adidas / hair bows : Claire’s

    I remember during the  90’s my mom and aunts used to buy clothes with embroidery on them, from jackets, dresses, tops, shorts and jeans. It was the craze back then. I can’t believe that as young as 7 years old at that time i still remembered that now, i don’t even remembered what i ate yesterday. I guess i have always been a fashion obsessed little girl. I enjoyed shopping even when i was little, i like to walk around girls dress aisle and day dream when will my mom or my aunts buy me those dresses.

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    Flared Sleeves Top by Apricot and Victoria Beckham for Target

    On April :   Top: c/o Apricot / skirt: Victoria Beckham for Target / bag: Tory Burch similar here / sunglasses: Prada / shoes: Express (old)  / bracelet: Kendra Scott / earrings : Swarovski

    On Olivia :  dress : Victoria Beckham for Target / headband: Target (old) / shoes: Crazy 8

    First of all, let me talk about this flared sleeve sweater from Apricot. I. love. it . It is very well made and the material is nice, soft and thick. I also love the fit and the boat neck style around the collar.Most of all, I love the flared sleeve details.

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    Bowknot Blouse and Ruffled Sleeves

    top: c/o Zaful / jeans : Gap / bag : Burberry (old) similar here / sunglasses : Celine / shoes : Ivanka Trump (sold out in this color ) available in black and purple / bracelet : Alex and Ani

    I’m sure you have seen this bowknot blouse everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. If you are a girly girl like me, who loves ruffles and off the shoulders, this top is for you. Exaggerated designed sleeves are hot right now and i can’t get enough of them!

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    Satin Off-the-Shoulder Top

    top : Nordstrom / choker necklace: Nordstrom / bag: Prada / shoes : Karl Lagerfeld / jeans : Levi’s ( old, i diy the cut off style)

    If you have been following my blog, you know that I am obsessed with off- the-shoulder and cold- shoulder outfits this spring and summer season. I started obsessing about them last summer, but it became more and more popular this season coming up. Some of them came with ruffle designs, lace-up collar designs and some with wide flared sleeves. It’s definitely a 90’s fashion revival. This one that i am wearing right now is from Nordstrom. The material is satin, that’s why it’s kinda shiny on the pictures and it’s also very roomy around the bodice.For your reference, I am wearing an XS. They kinda run big on sizing. So, get a smaller size.

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    Transition to Spring: Shirt Dress

    dress: c/o Zaful / bag: Tory Burch (sold out in black other color here )/sunglasses: Celine (sold out) similar here / shoes: INC (old) other option here, great bargain here

    Spring is here! We are finally free from wrapping ourselves with thick coats. I’m just so over it!

    Now even if we are experiencing spring weather, don’t put away all your winter clothes….yet. I’m sure there are some fall/winter clothes that you can still wear for spring. Come on, just because it’s spring it doesn’t mean you have to wear pastel or bright colors all the time. I’m not judging here, we all have our personal preferences.

    But for me, I like to transition some of my fall/winter clothes into spring clothes so i can re-wear them over and over again and i love rich tones like orange, red, blue, black and brown. Those colors for me are classic and timeless no matter what kind of weather we have as long as the clothing doesn’t make me feel hot.

    Just like this shirt dress from Zaful, even though it’s more like a fall/winter color but the material is chiffon. It’s a soft kind of fabric and it’s so comfy to wear around spring time. I can also imagine myself wearing this dress with sneakers, wedges and flat sandals. But today, I want to look chic and you can never be more chic in high heels. Another thing, I have been wearing a lot of casual clothes lately. As a stay-at-home mom, that’s my uniform and I ain’t pairing this nice shirt dress in sneakers or some flats because it makes me feel like I am still in my uniform.

    It’s nice to be dressy sometimes, it makes me feel sexy. Although, I’m not sexy at all, but it makes me feel like a woman. A woman, a mom who got it all together. Although we all know that’s not true because motherhood is hard, but sometimes it’s nice to think that we got our crap together…..for a little while.

    Shop for Shirt Dresses

    Mommy and Me

    Me and my daughter, coordinating our outfits here. Her dress is from Target from last spring and it still fits her. It is just a bit shorter now because ofcourse she grew. But one tip for girl clothes- don’t put away their dresses yet because even though they are growing, their growth is mostly lengthening. So most likely it will still fit on them, but just a bit shorter. If it’s too short, you can have it worn as a top or a peplum top. Whatever the design is, try to work on it first before stashing them away. It saves you tons of money.

    Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!




    Casual in Stripes and Facts about Me

    top : c/o Rosegal / jacket: Hollister / pants: Loft similar here/ bag : Prada / shoes: Karl Lagerfeld / sunglasses : Prada

    Oh how i wish the weather right now is like the weather we had when we were taking pictures of this outfit. Good thing I was able to make two looks of this top from Rosegal and pants from Loft.  This pants is no longer available because it was from last year, for something similar look here . The other look that i was talking about is here. As you can see, a little tweak of the accessories can change the whole look. Fashion gods tell us that all the time.

    So, this was my real outfit that day. Simple, casual and comfy. Perfect to run around with a pre-schooler who still wants to be carried from time to time.The previous one from this post here, was staged to show you a chic version of the outfit. This blogging gig is now more like work, rather than just a fun thing to do. It is still a fun thing to do, I love every minute of it. Obviously my life is not all about that or even life in general. But I’m not complaining, this blog have given me wonderful opportunities. It’s probably a small win for some of you, but it means a lot to me. I love every project I do for this blog because I believe and feel that it is something you guys can benefit or relate to.

    Since it was my special day last Saturday, I would like to give you some 10  facts about me.

    1.  I love salty foods over sweet foods but I love to bake cakes and sweet treats.
    2. I’m a morning person , I love waking up early but I complain why I didn’t get to sleep in. Go figure ….
    3. I’m a bag snob and I love shoes, but not really a collector of anything.
    4. Bad habits that drives me crazy, are people that smokes in front of me or walking in a smokey place. I’m asthmatic and I can’t stand the smell of it.
    5. My all time favorite color is pink but currently I love yellow.
    6. My favorite past time is reading. I also used to paint and draw, but I am always busy so I have no time for that.
    7. The first thing I do when i wake up is check on the kids then check my phone. I didn’t have to think about it anymore, I’m in auto mode. Guilty on the phone thing.
    8. My favorite foods are Filipino foods, I love Adobo and Pancit (lo-mein).Second to that  are Italian foods, I love Shrimp Scampi with linguine.
    9. I am a Filipino, born and raised but I speak English fluently.
    10. I went to an all girls private school when I was in my elementary in the Philippines.
    11. I took piano lessons when I was six years old but I stop. I wished I would have continued.
    12. My favorite vacation was Hawaii and Disney Cruise.
    13. I prefer weight lifting over cardio. I lift 3x a week but my diet sucks which I need to work on. But I love the feeling after doing strength training.
    14.  I went to a dental school in the Philippines but I worked as dental assistant in the States.

    That’s it for now. I’ll share more next time….

    Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!