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    How To Find Joy In Everyday

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    Just when you thought that the weather is getting better and things gets better but no. We are bombarded again with snow and more snow to come. It’s winter after all ! Better yet, you just have to find joy in everyday and make the most out of it. We went out to enjoy the fresh snow that just came our way. My daughter haven’t experience playing under the flurries nor lifting her head up and sticking her tongue out to taste the snow because when it’s snowing i always rush everybody to get inside. So today was her first time and she was just ecstatic like crazy. It was only 10 minutes but it was fun, too bad her big brother Lucas’s school didn’t cancel today. Anyways, there will always be next time and i’m sure we will get more snow. After all the fun playing outside, we treated ourselves with some yummy hot cocoa.

    So let’s talk about how to find joy in everyday. By talking about this i’m not saying i’m always happy and joyful, i am a work in progress. In fact, i am very grumpy when i’m tired and hungry. Not a normal grumpy mood  but like a tiger that could lash you. Here are some points that i also need to remind myself all the time.

    1. Create happiness in your life – Stop waiting to be happy. We all have those dark days that it’s just so hard to move, to get up. You just want to stay in bed all day and thinking all of the bad stuffs that’s happening in your life.  Whatever we are going through, we have to try our best to shift our focus and get it together. It’s really a  tough battle but we have to overcome it. If it needs something to get done for you to feel productive and achieve joy, then do it. Don’t wait for things to happen coz it won’t.
    2. Appreciate the small things – This is hard because most of us are not contented. Most of us ignore or take for granted little things that’s happening around us because we are looking and waiting for that prize possession, a new chapter of our life and achievement that we want. We tend to forget to appreciate the journey and the life we already have. Let’s take it to a habit of embracing the joys in small things.
    3. Surround yourself with positive people – Obviously you want to surround yourself with people that gives positive impact in your life. Whatever is around you,  it influence your mood and behavior. You have to make a choice on how you want to lead your life through the person or people you surround yourself  with.
    4. Taking care of yourself – Sometimes we short our time for ourselves that left us feeling exhausted and stressed out but also sometimes we over do the time for ourselves to the point that we forget or ignore the things that needs to get done or the things that needs more focus on. We have to have balance, set a timer or make a deadline if possible.
    5. Be a better person  –  It’s okay to have negative feelings, after all we are humans. But we have to learn to deal with these negative feelings in a constructive way, otherwise your behavior will be negatively influenced. Be rational with your emotions and judgements. Take your time to process your emotions to prevent impulsive unhealthy reactions.

    So those are the things that i also try my best to practice in my daily life. Especially now that i have kids, we have to live by example. I am not perfect and i will never be but i will keep trying to work on it. Investing on oneself is very important because no one else will, only you.

    Thank you so much for reading….

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    Mommy and Me Holiday Party Outfit

    * This post is sponsored by Janie and Jack. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

    The holidays are here! I’m sure Christmas parties and events are everywhere now. Also we are looking forward to New Year’s Eve party as well. If you have been following my blog, you know i’m a sucker for mommy and me looks with my daughter. So i thought it would be fun to do a mommy and me holiday party look. To come up with our matching outfits, first i let my daughter Olivia pick the outfits she likes  and then i went to look for an outfit that matched hers. Janie and Jack women’s section have a lot cute styles that would match with your mini.  This children’s clothing brand sells luxury kids clothes that offers a lot of variety styles to choose from. In this holiday look, we chose a vintage Parisian look. I think it’s such a cute theme that would also go along with my traditional holiday decorations around the house. There is nothing more classic and festive than red,white and green combinations for the holidays. I also think this would be cute for Valentine’s day as well because of the Rose prints on both outfits. This look is so versatile that you could really take all year round. It’s festive yet it’s not very exclusive for one occasion only, that’s why i’m loving these outfits we have on. Now i want you to check out Janie and Jack and leave me a comment on what’s your favorite Janie and Jack gifts!

    Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!



    Holiday Memories with Oshkosh

    This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Oshkosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

    The holidays is all about family fun and creating memories. We all look forward this time of the year especially the kids. So every holiday we want to make it memorable for the kids. Some of the things we do during the holiday season are putting up our Christmas decorations around the house, making gingerbread house, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies on the weekend, family game night, sledding, building a snowman and drinking hot cocoa. They also love to go to the old train at the park by our house and pretend like they are in one of those classic children’s movies. The old train is like their jungle gym. So to play the part they are  dressed like they are going on a train ride to the North Pole. It was my son’s idea to go here, he used to play here since he was a little boy and this photos gives me nostalgic memories of him. This time he is  with his sister Olivia and it’s so fun to watch them play together.

    One of the things we do around the holidays is to attend Christmas parties ! When it comes to Christmas parties, i always dressed my kids on their Sunday’s best. I want to make them look presentable at the same time comfortable just like their outfits here from Oshkosh. As the weather cools off this time of the year, comfy and cozy clothing is a must. So for holiday parties, i opted to have my kids wear a comfy and cozy cardigan and poncho sweaters.  I am obsessed with flannel plaids during the holiday season too. It’s festive and fitting for the holiday occasion. Oshkosh b’ Gosh is one of our favorite kids clothing brand, we’ve been shopping here ever since our eldest was still a baby. Even until now we still shop at Oshkosh, they have great quality and the styles are cute and trendy.

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    Urban Chic Mommy and Me Look

    My outfit details:  sweater, skirt similar here, boots similar here, bag, hat

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    Playtime with Little Adventures + Giveaway

    When my daughter Olivia was 2 years old, she loves to play dress-up. She would change her costumes or outfits 3-4 times a day, it drives me crazy. Up to now, she still loves to play dress up but it toned down already. I think it comes with the territory of being a girl and also have a mom who loves clothes. She just love being a girl even the fact that she is mostly surrounded with boys. Her constant playdates are boys because my friends kids are boys but she loves girly things and she enjoys being a girl. I remember one time she told me that since me and her matched or coordinate our outfits a lot, she also wanted to match with her doll Samantha. So when i was contacted by Little Adventures to collaborate with them, i told Olivia and she got so excited ! What’s more amazing and the very most important thing that i pay attention on kids clothes, are comfort and quality. This dress up outfit is super soft, comfy and washable. What she’s wearing here is the Winter Beauty because she loves the red, white and gold combination. They also have other kinds of Princess inspired dress ups like Moana , Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, Cinderella, Belle and so much more. Like i said they even have matching doll dresses . So fabulous right ?  If you have boys, they also Super Hero outfits , i remember my son played super hero all the time when he was at Olivia’s age. They also have knights and dragons dress ups that is so easy to wear too. They have all kinds for the boys department really. Also the last but not the least, if you feel like joining the dress up game with your mini they also have ones for moms and dad. That is so much fun and i bet the kids would love it too.

    Today, we are offering %15 off discount towards your Little Adventures purchase use code APWB15%. Also we are giving away $30.00 store credit at Little Adventures. I’m telling you, this is a perfect gift for the child that loves pretend play!


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    Thank you so much for reading!

    *This post is sponsored by Little Adventures. I only accept product and services that would benefit my readers. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


    How to Take Streetstyle Photos of Children

    jacket Zara kids similar // top // skirt // boots (similar) // hairbow

    When you say streetstyle it means  what people wear on their day to day lives. Personally, i like taking streetstyle photos rather than pageant like photos. It’s more relatable to me and i like to capture that moment when i decided to dressed them fashionably that day. Taking pictures on kids is tasking and time consuming. You want them to look at the camera and smile? forget it. In a good day, you get lucky.Y

    So i wanted to share to you my tricks on how i take photos of my child:

    1.You talk to them – i used to say “Look here and say cheese! ” .While it worked during the first few years of their lives. In my case it doesn’t work anymore for my 2nd child. So what i usually do is ask her a bunch of questions that excites her like “Hey Olivia, what’s your favorite food ?! ” She would answer ” Spaghetti ! ” . Then you click. Make sure you clicked it at the end of the word that sounds like  “e” that way they have that grin on their faces. That  is just an example, you can creative as you want but that works on me all the time.

    2. Just follow them around – this works really good when they are little, maybe 3 and under. I used to chase my kids at the park when they were little and i get great candid pictures of them but sometimes the lighting will ruin it, so you just kind of guide your child where to roam around. Stay away from too much sunlight.

    3. Use props that they can hold – my favorite props to use is the Starbucks kids hot cocoa drink because it somehow can complete a look. How weird right? but it worked for us. Olivia loves her hot cocoa and streetstyle photoshoot is effortlessly candid and stress free, by the time she is done drinking i’m done shooting. You can also let them use their favorite fruit or toy that would match their outfit. Just be creative and use your imagination.

    4. Play pretend – this works amazing because kids love to play pretend. For example when i want Olivia to pose, i usually asked her “Who is your favorite princess and can you do a princess pose ? ” She would do it but sometimes she doesn’t and that’s okay! So it’s really pretty much taking your time.

    5. Patience – this is the most important of all. You know, kids love to test us. So you just have to work your way through. You’ll have to take  hundreds of shots and only get 3 or 4 shots you like. Just enjoy the experience, after all it’s about the moment you shared with your kids.

    Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!