Mommy and Me : Faux Fur Sweater and Faux Fur Vest

On me: sweater / jeans / otk boots / bag 

On Olivia : dress / vest / boots 

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This is our last “fall look” for the season, after this we will be layered in thick coats and jackets. Olivia has been getting sassy lately on our photos as you can tell. She was the one instructing me what to pose here. She said our poses have to match too just like our outfits (oh gee!). She was definitely the boss in this one. I just went along with what she want me to do. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just purely girl bonding, just being silly and no care about the world. I will always treasure this moment.

Now let’s talk about faux furs. It’s one of our favorite outfit staple. Olivia have more faux furs than me. To be honest, i’m more obsessed on little girls outfits rather my own. They are the cutest and so irresistible. What i love about faux fur is that it gives a little oomph to a simple outfit. Anything that looks plain and basic, when you add faux fur it gives statement and character to an outfit instantly.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! Stay warm !

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