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Go Back To School in Style with Samsung Galaxy GS8+

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Back-to-school is just around the corner whether we like it or not, it’s gonna be here any day soon. I will surely miss our slow mornings and homework free nights. But i’m also glad and excited that i could also get some things done without tagging along kids with me. For a mom, going Target shopping without  kids is comparable to a mini vacation. My child free days wouldn’t appreciate that then, but when i became a mom it’s like heaven. As we are getting closer for back-to-school, that’s the time to prepare and get organized on things that needs to be done before the first day of school and i can achieve all that with the help of my Samsung Galaxy S8+. As i  go along with this post, i will share to you how i get organized for back-to-school season with my GS8+. I bought it at Target , it’s located at the back end of the store at the Electronics aisle. If you purchase it you will receive a $200 Target GiftCard (TM) with the purchase of a GS8 or GS8+ at Target. Make sure to check back here for any future promotional updates that might be available with the purchase of a GS8 or GS8+ from Target. It can also be added to your choice of wireless carrier and just last April they launched it with an Orchid case.#shop #cbias GS8+ back-to-schoolNowadays, it’s hard to live without my GS8+ because it pretty much do what you can’t. I do my things-to-do list and shopping list on my Samsung Notes. All of my kids schedules,personal, blog and social media schedules are all on my Samsung Calendar. I set alarms on them because i’m so forgetful, blame it on mom brain. It truly helps my productivity and organization because it’s so easy for me to navigate all the functions. I love the back button of the phone, that’s one of the selling point for me on all the Samsung phones i had because it’s so functional and simple to use. It’s even much more improved on the GS8+. Among the best features that i love is the expansive display that stretches from edge to edge, their biggest screen yet.#shop #cbias GS8+ Bac-to-SchoolAs a working stay-at-home mom, i’m  always on the go and on call 24/7. I have a lot of things going on in between managing my kids activities and my blog. My blog is my business and keeping up on my family’s needs are so important to me. So i have to keep that balance and it’s really hard sometimes. Just to give you a view of what my daily life is like this summer, i am always in or by the pool with my kids. Wait, it’s not really as breezy as what you are imagining. My point is, we are always spending our days outside in the summer because when school comes, we can’t really do that often. My kids are kids, they just don’t swim in the pool they also love to play of course and sometimes when i have a deadline to meet i work by the pool using my phone, good thing it’s water resistant because the other day my pre-schooler accidentally made a splash and it kinda splashed on my phone.

As a blogger, i’m on the phone a lot (guilty). Reading and responding emails, keeping up my social media engagements, drafting a blog post, researching and always taking pictures. I need an ample amount of battery life and storage to do all that. With my phones  wireless charging, it won’t slow me down i can power up without having to plug in. The charger is sold separately by the way. My storage also expands up to 256 GB ! It’s my favorite thing in the world. You have no idea all the stuffs going on my phone. My husband can’t believe how many pictures i took with my phone alone and all my schedules and reminders both family, social life and business. I don’t really have time or even can’t think of a time to go through it and transfer it to my laptop. Honestly, i’m pretty spoiled in that category because my phone can expand so much. The microSD card is also sold separately, but it’s worth it and it’s not really that costly at all.#shop #cbias GS8+ back-to-schoolLike i mentioned earlier, i take lots of pictures both my dslr camera and my GS8+. Pictures is the bread and butter when running a lifestyle blog, so image quality is very important to me. I want my phone to have a large screen, most powerful processing and an excellent front facing “selfie camera”.#cbias #shop Samsung Galaxy S8+ Back -to-School

Now I’m going to share to you how i get organized for back-to-school. We usually start a month before first day of school that way we have lots of time to shop. Also me and my kids will be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared.

How to Get Organized for Back-to-School Season with Samsung Galaxy 8+#shop #cbias Samsung Galaxy S8+ back to schoolA month before school starts, i create a school supplies shopping list and also start  shopping for school gears like backpacks, shoes, outfits, lunchboxes etc.#shop #cbias #GS8+Organizing and putting the school supplies together for my kids designated backpacks and home cubicles.#shop #cbias GS8+ back to schoolCreate  a portable homework caddy. It’s easier to move around wherever my son wants to do his homework, but most of the time we do it on our dining table. It is just easier for me to check on him while i’m making dinner at the kitchen.#shop #cbias back to school GS8+Plan a snack prep for the week. It will be breezy in the morning if the snacks are already packed. You just grab and go. I usually look up on Pinterest for easy snack ideas.#shop #cbias back to school GS8+Plan an easy weeknight  dinners. I strive my best to cook every weeknight, so it’s always good to plan ahead of time especially when the kids go back to school, i don’t want to spend my whole night making dinner.#shop #cbias back to school GS8+Get them to the habit of reading and doing some light school works before school actually starts. That way they  get adjusted once we are back with our school routine.#shop #cbias back to school GS8+Put them to bed on time. This is the most challenging one, my kids are staying up late during summer time and it’s really hard to get them back on the routine of putting them to bed early, that’s why we  give 2 weeks in advance before back-to-school to get their sleeping schedules back on track again.#shop #cbias back to school GS8+Plan and lay out outfits for the week. This is really important that way it saves you time in the morning. I’m sharing you some cute, stylish and comfy outfits for back-to-school. Everything here is from Target!

Back-To-School in Style Must Haves


#shop #cbias target school must haves


#shop #cbias #target #schoolmusthaves

Plan ahead. This is really important because it’s what help you manage your time. #shop #cbias back to school #GS8+

There you go and I hope you find these helpful to get you organized for back-to-school. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!






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