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On April:  dress: Victoria Beckham for Target girls section/ bag: Sam Edelman / shoes: INC (old) other option here

On Olivia :  dress : Victoria Beckham for Target / shoes: Gap kids / bag: Target (old)

Some of you might be wondering if my world just consisted of photo shoots and ootd’s . If my life is perfect and put together like the outfits that i got inspired from Pinterest. If getting ready and putting make up on is breezy. My answer to all that is, NO.  I like to think that it’s a yes but it’s not. We all know that it’s not. My family is my number one priority, everything else is secondary but i also want to give an importance on self-care, both inside-out.

One truth that i like to share is, i don’t like to remember motherhood as a thing where i lost myself from all the messes, sleep deprived nights, piles of  laundry and endless cleaning. I want to reinforce something positive for me so i can take this motherhood role a bit lighter, whether creating tablescapes or birthday parties that i get inspired from Pinterest, creating mommy and me looks, taking pictures of our family’s adventure, taking pictures of looks that i love to share. All that is a struggle sometimes, because as a mother we are selfless. We give our all to the point that we forget ourselves. There is nothing wrong in giving our all, we will do everything and anything for our kids. My point is, a little something i do for myself could get me through the day, but we all know that it’s hard to achieve that daily. A lot of times, the day goes by so fast yet so long until i realized it’s already bedtime and i am still in my pajamas that i wore from the night before.

Mommy bloggers who blogs about fashion and lifestyle are viewed differently. I get it, everybody are entitled on their own opinion. One thing i know, we are all moms who have different kinds of things to deal with every single day. We are just trying to work what’s good for us and for our family. So we should lift each other up. I rarely talk about personal thoughts on my blog. I’m trying to just talk about my niche but there are some thoughts on my mind that needs to get across.

Now let’s move on and talk about this  dress from Victoria Beckham for Target. This dress that i wore here is from the girls section, the size is XL. If you got big boobs, this is not for you. But if you got a small rack like me, this dress is perfect. My daughter’s dress is from the toddler section, their sizes runs large. So instead of buying her 4 T , i bought her  3 T.  So that’s just a reference for you guys.

So that’s all for today, thank you so much for reading and have a great day!


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