Game Night with Blue Apron

They said a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So for the big game during last Sunday’s Superbowl, I made my husband the Blue Apron’s Burgers and Red Cabbage Slaw for dinner. For the kids I made them Macaroni and Cheese. For some reason, my kids are not into hamburgers yet but they might be one day because their dad loves hamburgers. On the other hand, I am not into hamburgers either but I have to say, I love

this one from Blue Apron. I am not kidding, you know why I love it? I like the mix of the cabbage slaw with miso paste, green onions and ginger.When it’s topped it on the burger, Omg! it smells so good, fresh and tasty. It’s just perfect. I want my hamburgers like this every time. Seriously, I don’t need cheese and all that other stuffs they put on a hamburger.We also love the roasted sweet potato fries on the side, it is such a healthy option rather than a regular potato. The kids loved it so much that I’m even going to make it again this week!

For some of you who don’t know yet or might be wondering, what is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a food service company that delivers fresh ingredients of the recipes crafted by chefs  and they deliver it right in front your door. It is all sealed in an insulated container to maintain the freshness of the food and ingredients. April sweater: J.Crew / Olivia sweater: Crazy 8 (sold out) other option here

I really enjoy cooking to begin with. For me there is nothing more special when you are cooking for your family. I love to experiment different recipes, so I cook almost everything from scratch. What I am not a fond of, most especially during these cold winter days is the grocery shopping and sometimes meal planning could get really stressful when you have a full list of things to do. Sometimes, you just get caught up with everything that you didn’t get to do other important things too, which is cooking delicious healthy meals for the family.Blue Apron made things easier for me, I planned my meals online, order them and set it up when you wanted it to be delivered. The next thing you know, It’s right in front your door. When I first received my box, I just got back from picking up Olivia from school. So when I saw the Blue Apron box in front of my door. I was  so excited and happy and I can’t wait to make the meals I ordered.

This service so convenient and stress-free. I can get used to this! Seriously.

So today, I want you guys to give it a try. Blue Apron is offering, 3 free meals for FREE ! Redeem it HERE

Let me know what you think of your  experience with Blue Apron. I enjoy reading your comments! As of now, order your free meals and Enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!

*thank you Blue Apron for sponsoring this post, as usual all opinions are mine














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