Mommy Athleisure and How to pick the right Shapewear Leggings

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Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, tights and leggings that “look like athletic wear” and are characterized as “fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing”. (source: Wikipedia)

As a busy mom who is always on the go, athleisure is my most go to look. Gone are those days, where you can only wear workout/shapewear clothes only when you are actually working out. Basically everybody wears yoga pants, tights and leggings anywhere and everywhere. We pair it with almost anything from a dressy silk top to a basic tee.

My only issue with those kind of shapewear is the fit around my tummy. As a petite mom with two kids, my body is not what it used to be. My tummy is not as tight as it used to and I have stretched marks around my tummy. I need some kind of support around that area, so I  started wearing shapewears.

The first shapewear I wore is an underwear shapewear. I started wearing one after my first child was born and I like the feeling that my tummy is like being sucked and tucked in. After that, I fell inlove with shapewears of any kind. I have underwears, cami tops, body suits and leggings. The leggings are the ones that I used the most and I’m the most picky of. Most leggings don’t have a built in shapewear material and I don’t like it because I end up getting a muffin top. So, today I’m going to share to you my ideas on …..

How to pick the right Shapewear leggings:

  1. Get the right size – Just because you want to look slimmer doesn’t mean you have to go one size smaller. Sure you would fit because they are stretchable but it is super uncomfortable and the waist is so tight that it will make your lower tummy looked bulgy due to your waist being so compressed.
  2. Medium constriction – For leggings with built in shapewear, I like it with medium constriction. I want my tummy to have some support and smooths the problem areas, but  also lightweight and comfortable.
  3. Choose high waisted – This is ideal to have a smooth line through out the torso.
  4. Thick cotton material – You don’t want to walk around with leggings that see through your bums and legs.

As a regular shapewear user, I have tried different brands. So when I was offered by Svelte to try their shapewear leggings, I was excited and interested with the kind of product they have. Svelte is a Canadian brand that makes built in shapewear leggings. It sculpts a comfortable, non-restricting solution to those stubborn tummy rolls and periodic bloating. All Svelte shapewear products are equipped with a signature, built-in waist panel to accentuate your silhouette. Svelte’s boutique line is ultra-comfortable and delightfully soft.

In this ootd look, I picked out the capri leggings because I feel like capri leggings makes me look a bit taller over ankle leggings. Plus the ankle leggings might run long on me. So, I just wanted to be on the safe side and I’m glad I picked the capri.

I really love the leggings so much. It is very well-made and have a great quality. I was wearing it all day last Saturday and the waistline never rolled down which is the case of most leggings with built in shapewear. It is also so comfy that you wont feel like you are actually wearing a shapewear yet it provides control. I am so excited to share this brand to you guys. This is a sponsored post but even if it’s not. I would highly recommend it. If you tried it, please let me know. I want to know what you think of it.

Before I go, I want to ask you guys. What is your favorite brand of leggings you are wearing right now? I am just curios.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this lengthy post. Have a great day ya’ll!

*Thank you Svelte for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are mine.


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