How I take Pictures of my Pre-schooler


Taking pictures of a toddler or a pre-schooler is not an easy task. It takes a lot patience and creativity. So today, I  want to share to you how I take pictures of my 3 yrs. old daughter. I am not a professional photographer nor a child expert. As we all know, every child is different.So i just want to share my techniques and hopefully it works for you too.

1. Go down on their level to take a picture, so you could get a good full length shot.

2. Sing songs, tell a story, act silly so they can be at ease. Instead of asking them to smile, ask questions about things they like, to get their attention to look at you. It’s a task for sure, but when you get that good capture.It’s worth it.

3. Follow them around and let them be themselves. Just be prepared and quick to get that right angle or action to capture.

4.Kids love to mimic.When i let Olivia do a specific pose, I do it first then I’ll have her do it after me. Sometimes she does what i say, sometimes she doesn’t.If she doesn’t, my next option is to do  role playing. Like for example, I’m pretending to be  Cinderella and I’ll tell her that Cinderella likes to do this and that ,while I’m doing the poses that i want her to follow.It does work, she enjoys it and have her own input too BUT i have to say this, it doesnt work every time. You know your child and their abilities.You just have to be creative and go with their level of imagination.It’s stressful to think about it but when you get to do it with them, it’s  fun.

5.Make sure they’re fed and their nap times are already met.That way, they are in a better mood.

6.If you are not planning your shoot at the playground. Make sure it’s out of their sight or else they will be heading towards the playground, for sure.

7.The best place to take pictures is during the daylight in a wide open space, that way they can roam around and just be free to discover and enjoy things around them.

These are just a few things that I do when I take pictures of my pre-schooler. I  have to   say, the experience is different every time because at their age, their reactions towards everything is unpredictable and unexpected. Don’t take it  seriously, just have fun with it !  It’s not just about the finish product but what matters is the journey and the moment you share together.

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