Recently I have been so obsessed with blue and denim.If you noticed from my past posts most of Olivia’s outfits are blue or has a touch of blue. Blue is not really my favorite color to start with but somehow it grows in me and I’m in love with it now. I don’t know why.I should be obsessed with pink since I have a daughter. Well, I was kind of a bit when she was more little. After all, baby girls looks so good in pink. But with so much pink everywhere around the house, it deserves a little break. So lately when I shop for Olivia, I go for neutral and earth tone colors with basic designs, that way it is easy to style and it goes well with almost anything.I’ll just add some cute accessories to spice up the outfit just like this Poochie and Co. bag.The only thing that has been challenging for me to let her wear are turbans with big bows or flowers on it. They are so cute and adorable but I just can’t get her to wear it for now . So hopefully it won’t take long because they are irresistibly adorable.


Olivia and mommy April

Olivia wore :

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