The Boy Look






Today we borrowed a look from the boys. I think it looks cool to  wear something different sometimes. The most favorite item she have on here is the hat that we bought at Target last week and she can’t go without it.So expect more personal appearance of this hat in the blog for awhile. Even when I picked an outfit for her, I matched everything based on the hat rather than  the other way around. She never used to like hats at all, I guessed this one  is different for her. She loves it. After our quick shoot that took us about 10 minutes. I showed her the pictures from the camera. I asked “Who is that?” while pointing at her picture. She replied “Lucas ! Hi Lucas !”. She cracks me up, I swear !

Olivia wore :

  • Shirt : Gymboree boys ( sold out)
  • vest : Oshkosh
  • pants: Gymboree (sold out)
  • sandals : Gap kids
  • hat : Target similar here
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