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    Tips and Tricks on Taking Holiday Lifestyle Photos

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    The holidays are here !  It’s the season where lots of memories are made whether from doing our annual family traditions, friends and family gatherings, holiday parties or holiday vacations. There is always something that makes our holidays memorable. You know, time is fleeting and capturing those little moments is the way to make those memories last a lifetime. With the help of the innovative technology of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that we got from Target, i can do bigger things wherever and whenever. As a blogger, it is essential for me to take great quality photos for my blog, so i’m going to show you how.

    How to take Holiday Lifestyle Photos using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    1. Know your light – This is the most important thing when taking photos, there is nothing comparable with the beauty of natural daylight. I always take photos by the window during the day when i’m indoors and when outdoors i love to take photos  early morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky, its a good time of the day to take photos. So when you plan a shoot you have to consider the weather, location and time of the day. There are also times that the situation calls for a photoshoot  with not much lighting , don’t let the dark stop you. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have a low light dual pixel camera that can give you clear and crisp photo even  if you have low lighting.

    2. Set the mood or staging the background – This really depends on what look you want for your photo. Like for example, if you want a holiday theme in your photoshoot stage your background that is related to holidays.  Try different angles to get better shot of the subject and move around to get good lighting. If you are taking product shot let is stand out by having a simple background or have a background that coordinates with the product, take note of the color scheme in the photo through the outfits, props and background so that it will look cohesive and the photo tells a relevant story. The more you stick with the style, feel, edits and even filter of the photo, the much better it is. The photos below is taken using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phone features dual camera with live focus  and that’s what i used in some of these shots.

    3. Anticipate your model’s actions – This is my favorite and also the crucial part in taking lifestyle photos. Taking pictures of kids is hard. Sometimes i can get a good shot on “real life events” sometimes not. So what i usually do is to anticipate my kids actions or dictate them to create natural and meaningful moments. (photos below are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8)

    How I edit photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

    I edit my photos all the time both on my blog and Instagram. Like i said it really depends on what kind of mood, look and style you are going for. Personally, i want my photos to look cohesive and have a bit of a cinema effect so i edited my photos all the time and use the same filter or play around with the filters that would go with the look and style of my photos. Right now, i’m going to show you how i edit a certain photo for an Instagram post using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s very simple.

    1.Open the Gallery app of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Click on the photo that you like to edit. Example of the one below.

    2. On the upper right corner, there are 3 dots. Click on it and scroll down to Open in Photo Editor Pro. Then click on it.

    3. Now you are ready to edit your photo. Click on Transform to crop, adjust the angle, rotate, flip, ratio, perspective or use a lasso. Click on the Tone to adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, spot color, hue and white balance. In this photo i crop it for just a little bit and adjust the brightness and exposure higher. I also added a bit of contrast to have a bit of texture and clarity. Then add a bit of saturation to increase the color. I usually don’t do so much because i want to maintain the look of the original photo, i just want to make the photo to stand out more.

    4. This is the fun part and the most that i spend the most of my time with which is choosing the right filter that would go with the rest of my Instagram feed. My advice is to play around with the filters and do some adjustments. In this photo i used the Cozy effect because it blends well with the rest of the feed.

    5. The last but not the least, i added a little bit of backlight at the background. Go to the Advance option at the most right corner of the editing tools.

    This is the final look. Play around with the editing tools, they have so many options to choose from. Just have fun and don’t over think, you will learn some things along the way too.

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    My Daughter’s Progress at Goldfish Swimschool

    I can officially say my daughter Olivia finally knows how to swim after 3 months of training in Junior 1 at Goldfish Swim School. Now, every child is different some learned early, some are a little delay. But that doesn’t matter, what matters most is that you provide your child an important life skill that they have it  in them for the rest their lives. Here is a post of the importance and benefits of swimming lessons for children.

    For Junior 2 ( 3-4 years old) this is what they will cover:

    1. flutter kicking with barbell float – 1 width
    2. Superman glide- 10 ft
    3. sea otter back float – 5 sec.
    4. octopus front float- 5 sec.
    5. pulling paddle, face in- 10 ft.
    6. swim, rollver, front-to-back-to-front, swim
    7. underwater jump, rollover, float
    8. climb out
    9. underwater jump, turn, swim to the wall

    Olivia just started Junior 2 about a week ago . Aside from the improvement of  her skill level, her enthusiasm and confidence towards learning how to swim definitely improved. I believed that it has to do a lot with the instructors making it a fun experience for the kids. If you watched them it just seems like they are just playing in the water, moving their arms and legs but they are actually learning through the whole process. It takes a lot of patience to teach this little kids, i credit these instructors for doing such a great job. I admire their dedication towards their work and how they treat the kids. It’s fun to watch them. I’m just so happy with this experience with Goldfish Swim School. This  is a sponsored post but even if it’s not, it is my swim school of choice. Read our Goldfish Swim School experience here.

    Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!