Straight Leg Jeans


Skinny jeans have been the denim staple for more than a decade now but recently i have my eyes on straight-leg denims. The denim staple around the 90’s era. I’m still not going to get rid of my skinny jeans because that’s essential when wearing tall boots but i’m slowly easing myself to these new classic denim. The ones that i have on here is an old pair that i intentionally dig through my boxes of used clothing in the basement. I can’t believe i still have it either, but i did. I just cut the hem and washed it to have that raw distressed hem look. But i’m seriously looking for a new pair and i’m thinking of this new cone denim from Gap, i love the vintage vibe of it. It totally reminds me of the 90’s , i remember my mom and aunts used to wear similar styles like this. What i have on here is a low waisted straight jeans because it was the style then, but i’m loving the high waisted version. It is great to push in that mama pooch.

So what do you guys think of the straight leg high waisted denim ? They said that’s the new it jean and it’s going to take over the skinny jeans being the staple jeans right now.

Thank you for reading and leave some comments below.

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