Mommy and Me: Dressed Up in Fall Colors

On me:  top // jacket // skirt // bag // sunglasses // mules 

On Olivia : dress // poncho // boots // hair bow // tights

We are definitely feeling the cool and crisp autumn weather here. The leaves are changing and it’s beautiful. Everywhere you go the surroundings have that golden glow because of the colorful autumn leaves. In this post, we are mimicking the color of autumn leaves which are rust orange, mustard yellow, maroon, olive green and brown.

I don’t usually get dress up a lot. I usually wear  sweater, jeans and ballet flats but once in a while i dress up. As a mom, it’s an effort and it’s not so practical. But i love dressing up, it makes me feel good about myself. I personally love dresses and skirts, if i could just wear them all year round here in Michigan then i would.You will never see me in jeans around the summer, that’s for sure. So while the weather is still bearable that you can wear a skirt, then why not? This corduroy skirt is my absolute favorite fall purchase and i paired it with the olive military jacket . The color combination of mustard yellow and olive green is just fall perfect. Also, me and my mini have color coordinating outfits again, because it’s cute and fun to match with my little girl. She’s already so used to it that when sometimes when we don’t match she will ask me why aren’t we matching that day. I think it’s cute.

Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous day!

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