How to Take Streetstyle Photos of Children

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When you say streetstyle it means  what people wear on their day to day lives. Personally, i like taking streetstyle photos rather than pageant like photos. It’s more relatable to me and i like to capture that moment when i decided to dressed them fashionably that day. Taking pictures on kids is tasking and time consuming. You want them to look at the camera and smile? forget it. In a good day, you get lucky.Y

So i wanted to share to you my tricks on how i take photos of my child:

1.You talk to them – i used to say “Look here and say cheese! ” .While it worked during the first few years of their lives. In my case it doesn’t work anymore for my 2nd child. So what i usually do is ask her a bunch of questions that excites her like “Hey Olivia, what’s your favorite food ?! ” She would answer ” Spaghetti ! ” . Then you click. Make sure you clicked it at the end of the word that sounds like  “e” that way they have that grin on their faces. That  is just an example, you can creative as you want but that works on me all the time.

2. Just follow them around – this works really good when they are little, maybe 3 and under. I used to chase my kids at the park when they were little and i get great candid pictures of them but sometimes the lighting will ruin it, so you just kind of guide your child where to roam around. Stay away from too much sunlight.

3. Use props that they can hold – my favorite props to use is the Starbucks kids hot cocoa drink because it somehow can complete a look. How weird right? but it worked for us. Olivia loves her hot cocoa and streetstyle photoshoot is effortlessly candid and stress free, by the time she is done drinking i’m done shooting. You can also let them use their favorite fruit or toy that would match their outfit. Just be creative and use your imagination.

4. Play pretend – this works amazing because kids love to play pretend. For example when i want Olivia to pose, i usually asked her “Who is your favorite princess and can you do a princess pose ? ” She would do it but sometimes she doesn’t and that’s okay! So it’s really pretty much taking your time.

5. Patience – this is the most important of all. You know, kids love to test us. So you just have to work your way through. You’ll have to take  hundreds of shots and only get 3 or 4 shots you like. Just enjoy the experience, after all it’s about the moment you shared with your kids.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!


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