What’s your Why and Summer Weekend Outfit

top: c/o Zan.Style / skirt: c/o Zan.Style / straw bag: Gap / earrings: Stoney similar here / sunglasses: Celine / bracelet: Kate Spade/ watch: c/o Daniel Wellington / flats: Gap


What’s your Why?

Everything we do in life is ofcourse  back up with reasons, goals and purpose. There are tons of blogs out there and in this day of age everybody have a blog. It’s hard to stand out and also hard to fit in, even in your own niche.

Today i’m going to share to you why i started a blog, why a fashion/ lifestyle blog ?

Simple, as a stay at home mom for 9 years i just want to feel like myself again through dressing up and putting my face on. I feel like if i document my looks, i will be forced  to get up and make a choice to take care of myself. Being a stay at home mom, it is so easy to be in pajamas all day.  For me taking care of myself on the outside is also taking care of myself inside.

As a mom of two, this is so hard to achieve because life is not just about you anymore. Your kids is the number one priority but i believe that if i take care of myself, i can better take care of my kids. I have to save my sanity. I can’t just be staying home  wearing pajamas and sweat pants all day. I can’t just have my thoughts solely on my kids activities alone. I need to do something. You’re probably saying i’m just bored. I’m not bored, i never felt bored. There is always something to do around the house and it gets very overwhelming. But i’m not here to judge anyone. Everybody are different and this is just me.

One day and just like any other day, i sat down and stared at a pile of laundry that needs to be folded. I felt like my life is just a cycle of kids, kitchen, laundry and cleaning. Then repeat again the next day. I feel like i’m totally losing myself. I miss my old pre-baby days but at the same time i don’t want to trade my life that i have now. So one day, i told my husband i want to create a fashion/ lifestyle blog. He said go ahead and he will support me. At first, it gives me a lot of self doubts. What if nobody reads my blog, what if i fail?  So many self doubts. But i figured, if you are not going to do it now then when? How would you know if you succeed or  fail if you don’t even try. How would you know your strength if you don’t challenge yourself. So i went ahead and do my thing, one post at a time. One outfit and one lifestyle content at a time. Connecting with other bloggers and researching on how to monetize my blog one day at a time. I still have ways to go and i’m not there yet. I don’t  even think there is  a “there yet” in the world of blogs. I think having a blog is more like a journey and how you present that journey to connect with your readers, how to make yourself relatable to your readers. What have you gained, what have you learned and most of all what have you shared. I still have a lot to figure out. All i know, I am no way a model or someone with a glamorous lifestyle. I can only be me. A mom who wants to be herself again.

Summer Weekend Outfit

This top and skirt is gifted to me by Zan.Style and I guarantee it has a very good quality. Let me start with the top. The top runs a bit small, so i suggest to order a size up. I am regularly a size small but i need a medium on this one because the way it’s shape like in this photo here. It is tapered to the waistline, maybe if my waist is a bit slimmer then i have a bit more room in that area. But i have to say, it a has good quality more like Banana Republic, Zara and J.Crew. For the skirt, Omg! If you have been following me on my Instagram, i’m sure you are very familiar with this skirt already because i wear it all the time. First of all, i love the umbrella style of the skirt, the button details on the side and most of all the quality.  It is very well made. For reference, i am 4″11 and this is size small. I have been so picky with my collaborations for awhile now. I don’t care if i fund my own post, i just want my readers to trust me. I don’t want to talk about  products that i don’t use or i don’t like at all.

Since this top and skirt is pretty much very basic and more  like a minimalist style, which i love. I opted to wear it with colorful accessories because really, it is still summer. Although Fall is coming up and a lot of bloggers are already showcasing Fall clothes but c’mon it’s still summer. It’s 80 F degrees and i’m soaking in every summer outfits and every ray of sunshine i could get. Besides this top and skirt combo can also be a great transitional piece. I bet this would be so cute with over the knee and ankle boots. Then throw on a cozy cardigan. Now you are Fall ready!

Right now, Zan.Style is offering a special promotion you could get this Loose Strap Tank Top for  only $5.99 with free shipping. Just use this coupon code 209236104. I can’t stress enough that it is very well made, there are no loose threads on all the clothes that they shipped to me. There are no funky smells and also comes with great packaging. If you happen to order something from them, let me know. I also want to know your experience but so far, i  have great experience with them. I can’t wait to show you more of my Zan.Style looks

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!



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