Ruffled Tops and Real Talk

top: Banana Republic (sold out) similar cute style here // shorts: Loft // bag: Salvatore Ferragamo (sold out) other option here // sunglasses: Celine // earrings: J.Crew // shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo other option here // watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

As a self proclaimed girly girl, i love ruffles and I’m just obsessed with this trend. I wore this top countless times already, i think it’s one of my favorite purchase this summer. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. I’m not surprised that a  lot of people liked it too. I mean, this top is comfy and the fit hugs you on the right places. It has some kind of a stretch but it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a bodycon that makes it look and feel tight. If you got big boobies, this top might not be right for you. It’s more for flat chested girls like me. If you are in search for ruffle tops, i linked some of my favorites below this post and most of them are on sale at Nordstrom.

Lately, i’ve been having a really hard time with my blog and it really started to affect me personally. It’s not what you think, i’m really grateful for every little thing i made in this little blog, i actually feel  proud of myself for all the opportunities that  i accomplished through this blog, with that  i was able to contribute a little to my family while being a stay at home mom. I haven’t gotten to a point yet where i can actually make a living with my blog because i don’t blog full time,  i still have ways to go and have so much to learn. Trust me, if you plan on starting a personal style and lifestyle blog or any kind of blog at all, it’s more than just taking pictures, write about it and post it online. Bloggers makes it look easy, just like i thought it was easy when i first started to buy my own domain. The behind-the-scenes , is hard work. You are your own blog designer, content creator,stylist, photographer (if no one is available). You also have to promote your social media and create contents for that too. You also have to learn how to strategize your marketing, so you can make sales. You also have to do emails from collaborators and also pitch in for potential sponsors. There are so many hats and it gets overwhelming.

My point here on what affects me personally is, i started to compare myself to other bloggers and it brings me down that sometimes it’s just hard to fight mentally, it makes me feel like i want to give up. Then i’ll give myself a pep talk  and find some ways to keep me motivated.

When i first started blogging, i didn’t care much about what to post. I just keep on blogging whatever and whenever. It felt liberating in my own little world. But as time went by and as you learn quite a few things, you get to the point where you become too competitive and there are some situations that you get frustrated. It’s also kind of an isolating world because my real life friends are not bloggers. So i’m just basically doing my own thing. But inspite of it, i’m still so grateful of my online community that i get to connect with everyday. It makes things easier, you learn a lot of things and it gives me the motivation to keep going.

Just like anything in this world, we have to be mentally strong. Don’t let the “highlight reel” get into you. We all know that nobody’s life is perfect. We have to stay authentic, keep moving forward, focus on your goals and surround yourself with people that uplifts and motivates you.

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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