Spring’s Must Have Trends


Pointy Flats / Sunglasses  / Tassle Statement Earrings / Shoulder bag /

Statement Sleeves Top / Cold Shoulder Ruffle dress / Mules /

Embroidered Skirt / Wedge Espradilles / Two-piece Outfit

One of the best things  living in the Midwest is you get to experience the 4 seasons of fashion. It’s actually fun to experience each season’s styles and trends, except winter. Ugh! I dread winter.

Anyway, trends come and go but some are here to stay. For me, i don’t really follow every trend. Aside that it’s money draining, some of them are not my style. So for this spring and summer season, i picked out my must-have trends that suits my style. The ones that speaks to me more. The girly-girl style.

As you can tell on every style post i have, i looked like a Stepford wife. I don’t really dress up in ruffles or off the shoulders  on a daily basis, but when i get to dress up or go out, the fancy Nancy in me is out and unleashed. Okay, let’s not get too exaggerated here. You might think I’m some kind of weirdo. I’m just a normal person who happens to like clothes, shoes , bags and all that girly stuffs. I also like to talk and write about it too.

It’s my other passion aside from being a stay at home mom and wife. It’s my sweet escape.

I hope you like my spring trend picks. It’s actually like a mix of  late 80’s and 90’s style. I have a feeling of nostalgia on those bell sleeves, ruffles , mules , slides and anything embroidered. It reminds me of  the days when my mom and aunts used to buy patch works and ruffles so they can have the seam stress attached it on our clothes. If you are wondering, i grew up in the Philippines and having a seams stress is  a must back then. There weren’t  many fast fashion boutiques back then as compared to what we have now. If you want to copycat the latest style, having it sewn by your seams stress is the best option. The good old days (sigh). Now, i feel old.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and have great day!

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