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5 Reasons Why We Love Blue Apron

If you have been following along my blog, you already knew I partnered with Blue Apron. If not and you wanted to know my first experience with them read it here . Without further introduction, here are the reasons why we love Blue Apron .

1. Convenient – I enjoy cooking but I don’t like grocery shopping and sometimes meal planning is so tasking especially when you have so many things going on in your head. There were times when Steve and I spend atleast a half hour just trying to figure out what to eat or what to make for dinner. If we can’t figure something out, we spend another half hour again figuring out where to eat and what each of us have a taste for. It gets kinda stressful and frustrating sometimes and the result ? We end up opening a box of cereal for dinner. That’s why it is always important for me to do a weekly meal plan and with Blue Apron, meal planning and grocery shopping is convenient and stress free. You get to pick which menu/recipes you want for that week, they gather the ingredients for each recipes and delivered to your door, sealed and fresh. For me, there is nothing more convenient opening a box filled with fresh ingredients and all organized accordingly.

2. Fresh Ingredients – I am not a good shopper sometimes when it comes to produce, call me stupid but sometimes I didn’t realize I picked out a tomato that is going to get over ripe in a couple days. Blue Apron sent me ingredients and spices that are good quality and fresh. My meats are all organic, lean and good quality.

3. Delicious meals made from scratch –  I love the way they compose their recipe catalog .The instructions is very detailed down to a T , very organized and it has pictures. So, it is really easy to follow them. Their meals and recipes are curated by chefs and it is always different every week. I have to say this Enchilada recipe is delicious. It is kind of on a spicy side but you can tone that down by just using a little jalapeno or even not at all, it would still taste delicious. I think the major kick ass here that gives that flavor is the mixture of the roasted tomatillos and onions being sauteed together.

4. Get us to try new recipes of different cuisines and cooking techniques – Every week Blue Apron have new recipes, probably some of them you haven’t tried or heard before. If you are adventurous, they have a lot of selections of different cuisines but they also have a selection comfort food or the common food that most Americans eat.

5. Waste less ingredients – The ingredients are properly portioned sized according to each recipes. There were so many times, I bought ingredients for a certain recipe that I end up throwing the rest of it because it can’t be use anymore or sometimes I don’t feel like cooking the same kind. It turned bad in the fridge that I have to get rid of it. It was such a waste and I hate it because that’s money down the drain.

Those are the reasons why we love Blue Apron and ofcourse, we wanted to try  them again!

To wrap up this post, I’m giving you guys 3 free meals courtesy of Blue Apron! Yes it’s free! So, redeem your free meals HERE now.

I’m sure you will enjoy it.

*this is a sponsored post by Blue Apron, as usual all opinions are mine.

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