Comfy and Cozy

sweater and leggings set : c/o Gamiss / boots: Gap kids (sold out) other option here / parka coat: Abercrombie kids (sold out)/ faux fur vest: Zara kids (sold out) / beanie hat : Crazy 8 / backpack : Gap kids (sold out) other option here

Once a year my kids’s school celebrates Pajama day or they call it Comfy Cozy day, it’s that time when kids goes to school in their pajamas, all day.  It is such a cute and fun idea and  my kids always looks forward to this event. Olivia’s big brother Lucas already left early for school and it was just me and this little lady here. Her schedule starts late than her brother, so off we went outside to take a quick and few snaps of her Comfy Cozy outfit. Her big brother Lucas is already eight years old, running nine in a couple months. He asked that he doesn’t want his pictures taken for the blog regularly, unless if I do a travel post or a family event post.

Why am I saying this? I just want to be honest to all of you. Since, pretty much I share bits and pieces of my life for everyone on the internet to see. Some people thought, I only have one kid. I have two, he is here in this post and some of my previous post but he is not on the blog regularly. I respect his wishes and his privacy. That also speaks for my husband who is camera shy and would rather be behind the lens. Our boys is our rock, they are our ride or die crew. I don’t really need to explain this, but I want to  because my boys means so much to me.

Our life is not about what’s all in the blog, we have activities and schedules. I have to balance everything in between being a stay at home mom and running a blog. You probably won’t believe this but I have a schedule on being on my phone, on my laptop, spending time with the family, school activities, homework, creating content, socializing, cooking, cleaning and other errands. It’s really tough balancing sometimes, but I am very grateful for everything.

Back to Olivia’s comfy and cozy look. Her outfit is not really a pajama set but a sweater and leggings set, it is fleeced lined that makes you feel warm inside. It is so comfy like a pajama but extra warm and cozy. The fox design is such a fun touch. We both love it!

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!

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