Holiday Outfits for Kids

Dressing up the kids for the holidays is a lot of fun. It’s that time of the year where we reunite with our friends and families for a big or small dinner parties. So, it’s fitting enough to dress up for these special occasions.



Me and the kids created a simple and easy look for these coming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We want to make it casual, fun and festive looking. After all, that’s what the holidays is all about. So, we chose outfits that are simple and easy to wear around dinner parties.

I laid out a bunch of outfits that are already color coordinated and I let them choose which ones they like to wear. That way I get to style them, at the same time they have the freedom to make their own choices. I really love the choices they made because it truly reflects each of their personalities.

My son Lucas is such a happy go lucky, vibrant and creative kid. He likes to create, draw and build stuffs like legos, model toys and Minecraft. Anything that he can get his hands on to create something out of some random things, is just amazing and fun to watch. On the other hand, my daughter Olivia is a girly girl. She loves dresses, dolls and cooking for her dolls. In her outfit, she said she wants to look like an American doll. So here she is, in a doll inspired outfit.

At the bottom of this post, I created a collage of Holiday outfits for boys and girls.




dsc_9384-aOn Olivia: dress: Gap Kids (old) similar here/ cardigan: Gap Kids / boots: Gap Kids / hat : Gymboree (old)

On Lucas: jacket: Gap Kids/ sweater: Gap Kids/ jeans: Levi’s / shoes: Kohls

Holiday Outfit  for little Girls

boots: Gap kids/ dress: Gap kids/ mini bag: Target / tights: Zulily / hair bow: Nordstrom

Holiday Outfit for Little Boys

plaid shirt: JC Penney/ jeans: Levi’s / sweater: Kohls / shoes: Nordstrom

Holiday Outfit for Girls

boots: Tommy Hilfiger / sweater: River Island/ skirt: River Island/ tights: Nordstrom

Holiday Outfit for  Boys

plaid shirt: Nordstrom / sweater: Tommy Hilfiger/ pants: River Island/ shoes: River Island

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


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