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Showing The Way Home When You’re Not There


Being a parent comes with happiness, great surprises and wonderful memories. But, it also created us fears for our child, especially when they are still young and we know that the world is not a safe place. We are so over protective to our kids about everything but how over protective can we be? We protect them as much as we can and do the best of our ability because it’s our child. So, to make things a bit comfortable for us parents and our child, it is important to teach our kids at a young age about the possibilities of everyday life.

This includes….

  1. Teaching your child simple street and traffic regulations. Like for example, no running around in the parking lot , always stay on the side walk and always be by their parents side most especially on public places.
  2. Teaching your child their identity and home information. It is very important to teach our kids as young as 3 years old about her identity and home information. I remembered when my first child Lucas was three years old, we taught him his full name, address, our names and phone numbers. Even up to now that he is already eight years old, we still ask him time to time our address and phone numbers. We are on the works right now with our second child Olivia. Since she is already  aware of her surroundings and understands simple instructions, it is the best time for her to know these basic information.
  3. Teaching your child their way home. When we go for a ride, we regularly as our kids if we are almost home or does the surroundings looks familiar to them. When we go for a walk, we ask them which way are we going just to test them if they knew their way home.
  4. Teaching them to be confident in social situations and to trust their gut instincts. When our kids starts to go to school, they are basically on their own. We don’t want them to grow up being fearful but instead be mindful and vigilant with the surroundings and certain situations, especially the ones that gives them a bad feeling. It is important to let our kids understand that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or guilty or wrong in any way if they acted in self-defense. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

As much we want to be with our kids 24/7 day in and day out under watchful eye and be the “Super Mom” or “Super Dad” by being there all the time, it’s just not practical. We got work to do and there are times we are separated from our children and hoping everything is okay. Instead of relying on hope and chance, there’s a simple way you can prepare your children and those who look after them (or find them) to deal with unwanted circumstances like a child going missing or needing medical attention. There is an agency that does the work to preserve your protective presence, it is called Child ID .

Child ID provides Child I.D. label. Iron it on to your child’s clothing and the 24/7 toll-free hotline is ready to reunite you with your lost child.

TIP: Don’t put your child’s name on their clothes! You’re just giving bad guys a really important piece of information.

The simplicity of the label has more to it than just reuniting children with their families. Your child’s unique number and that 800 number is a gateway to help in two very important ways:

    1. Maybe a child needs medical attention…the 800 number can give them vital medical information.
    2. Maybe a child needs a safe place to call…the 800 number will have a caring person talk to them.

What information does our child have right now? If they are still unable to talk or just learned how to talk, nothing really.

If they are able to talk, what if they feel threatened and traumatized or even unconscious. It’s scary to think about this and something I don’t really like talking about because my imagination just go crazy and goes off the wall but it is important to be aware and vigilant of things that could happen.

To know more about Child ID, feel free to visit their website at Child ID .


* this is a sponsored post by Child ID





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