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In our household, as soon as school starts my kids playtime is definitely scheduled. With increasing school demands, life can be stressful for even young kids. That’s why for us, it is important to incorporate  playtime right after school. That’s also my time to prepare dinner while they play. After dinner and clean up, we take thirty minutes break and then we start our school work routine. It may seem torture for kids but they need to know that self-governing routines are a part of life and are important to learn. We develop a structure for our kids, so that it’s easier for all of us. We observed that having a structure, gives them stability thus prevent tantrums. When they are done with their school works early, they can go back to their playtime. We believe that kids still needs time to be just kids. They need time to explore childhood and  to be creative.

Today, I’m going to discuss about childhood creativity and exploration with Inflatable Zone.

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I remember the time when my son had a birthday party in a bouncy house that is  filled with inflatable bouncers and slides, the kids had so much fun exploring the games and toys. They get to enhance their imagination with creative plays and it’s so fun to watch them just being kids.

In every party or events, inflatable games and toys are always a hit. It never gets old, I even jump or slide with my kids sometimes. It’s really fun and great for burning the hamburger calories that I just ate.

So, no matter what. We always let our kids balance between structured schedule and unstructured free time because it reinforces life skills needed for positive development.

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* This is a sponsored post by Inflatable Zone. All opinions are mine and I only share products or company that I think that are valuable for my readers.




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