Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliator Review


Today, I’m going to share to you an exfoliation tool that i never thought it existed. It’s called Exfolimate, it’s made from Australia and it is designed to exfoliate your skin with innovative grooves and smooth edge technology to instantly glide along the skin with gentle fingertip control and pressure.

My first impression was, it was a weird looking tool to exfoliate my skin. I was afraid that I’m going to cut myself while using it but I was wrong. The micro grooves is gentle enough to glide through your face and skin, just make sure your face is wet while using it. I ran it all over my face and  when I ran it through the sides of my nose, I looked at the blade and I saw all the dead skin build up on the tool edge. It’s actually pretty satistfying to see my dead skin being sweeped out by this tool.

I used it on my upper arms because I have Keratosis Pilaris there. It scraped off some of the dead skin but my little bumps is still there, I think I have to do it more often so that it will  eventually eliminate my bumps out. I also used it on my legs because I have some tiny bumps there too from shaving.

I just recently received this product, so I couldn’t really exactly tell the results but as far as I have been using it, it scrapes off  dead skin of my face and body. You just have to be careful on those part of your skin that is thin, so you won’t cut yourself. I never had any cut at all but I just stayed away on sensitive areas. You can use it daily to achieve a naturally clearer skin.

So how do we use Exfolimate? ( There is a manual enclosed for all the details. I just want to through to you a quick instruction.)

1.While cleansing, showering or bathing, wet the skin with warm water to help open the pore and soften the skin to make it suppler.Use Exfolimate for areas around the face,behind the ears and nose and also for larger areas  of the skin around the arms, legs and body.

2.Use Fingertip control to press down on your Exfolimate lightly as 90 degree angle to the skin and gently glide in a slow motion in either direction. Maximum 4 to 6 glides, always ensuring the skin is we and supple.

3.Glide along the neck upwards to the jaw line, along the jaw, across cheeks and forehead.

4.For in-grown hair, it is recommended to glide with the growth of hair to clear the pores and then back against the growth to lift the hair follicle.Use prior to shaving or waxing.

Some precautions for using Exfolimate

  1. Avoid excessive pressure.
  2. Not to be used on broken or infected skin.
  3. Do not use for 7-10 days after laser or chemical peel treatments
  4. Don not use if skin is not thoroughly wet.
  5. Do not clean with corrosive kitchen or bathroom cleaning supplies.

Where to buy : Exfolimate website




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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