Back to the 90’s

Fashion truly doesn’t make up its mind doesn’t it? It’s always changing that’s why it’s always fun. Before the rise of the skinny jeans in the early 2000’s, my closet is filled with flared jeans. I paired it with everything from baby tees , peasant tops and when I’m feeling girly I pair it with off the shoulder tops. An exact replica of my outfit here.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, it reminds back to the time when I was in college with my two aunts (I call them my fairy god mothers) they took me and my cousins out for shopping. She picked out a bunch of off the shoulder tops for me and also some little trinkets that goes with it. As a teenager growing up, my mom and my two aunts were my greatest fashion and beauty influencers. They are my go to fashion advisers and my aunts were also my part-time fashion financiers.

It was fun hanging out with my aunts, aside from listening to them brainstorming of what’s in or out in fashion, I know I won’t be going home empty handed. I always get something, either an item from their closets, a good deal they scored from one of their shopping trips or they just feel like buying me something nice while we were shopping.

In return, I clean their rooms or run errands for them. Even though, I know I don’t have to do things for them because I know they would give it to me anyway. I just want them to feel appreciated in that way.


My mom on the other hand is my greatest confident booster (I wish she is still here in this world), I never ever ever recalled her pointing out any part of my body or within myself that is negative. She always instill positive attitude.

One of the things that she said about positive thinking is that, being positive is not just about being happy or showing an upbeat attitude or ignoring life’s unpleasant situation. It means you approach life’s unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. It’s a lot of self talk basically. If the thoughts that run through your head are mostly negative, then your outlook towards life will be pessimistic. On the other way around, if the thoughts that run through your head are mostly positive, then you will be optimistic. It will greatly reflect our actions that is more valuable than a smile.

Those were one of her many wise words. These strong beautiful women taught me to not let anyone define me, but only me. They significantly have an impact of what I am now and I feel so blessed. If you feel like in a rut right now, get up and do something for yourself that would make you feel good and productive. Surround yourself with people that are good for your pysche, we are too old to mess around. Life is short, we don’t know when is our finish line. So right now, let yourself be free and live life the way you want, even in your darkest moment, you have to seek that light to find the light. Now, I’m not trying to be some kind of a self-help-guru-kind-of-thing here. I’m no expert of any but I’m just sharing of what I think and feel. I hope you find that a bit helpful too.


Talking about fashion, I really love the flare trend and It’s something that I want to keep for awhile. Anything that would make me look tall, I’m down. I have to admit my height is one of my greatest insecurities and I make it up by wearing clothes that would make me look a little taller and this flare jeans is an example of it.


This little princess here is enjoying a lot with our mini photo session. I really enjoy this little bonding we have and it’s another amazing addition to our memory bank.


Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!


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