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Hello ! I have been gone for awhile so i figured it’s time to catch up. So today, I want to share to you the things I have been feeling, pondering and living lately.

  1. What have I been feeling these days? I feel like I am constantly looking for ways to grow and improve just about everything. I am always like this, I always have that desire to grow but I  easily feel let down and somehow get distracted. I like that part about myself , but having this mindset can be exhausting. I am so keen with some things about how I am, up to how I want my house to look like, that i wish  I could just hang loose and not worry too much.Do you ever feel that way sometimes?
  2. What inspires me lately ? I am so inspired with lifestyle photography. Creating stories through pictures. I enjoy reading personal style fashion and lifestyle blogs.I enjoy pinning interior designs, recipes , DIY’s  and party planning on my Pinterest. I am artistic type of person and I love being creative, even though I’m not the best of the best but I enjoy it.



dress: Old Navy

     3.What’s my favorite summer fashion trend ? I am loving the off the shoulders trend right now, they look so pretty but not very practical for a mom with toddlers and babies because they will ride up your shoulders when you carry your tots, but I love the look of it.



On April : top- Zara (sold out) / shorts- American Eagle (old)/ sandals- GAP (old)

On Olivia : romper- Baby GAP (old) a bit similar here / sandals – Old Navy (sold out) almost similar here and here



lipstick – Tom Ford / blush on – MAC (petal power)

 4. What’s my favorite dish ? I love lo mein or we call it pancit in filipino. It’s my mom’s favorite too and she makes it almost every Sunday. Now that I have my own family, I love making it on weekends too if we are just staying at home. I love to cook when I started to learn how to cook. I don’t really cook when I was in the Philippines, I bake though since I help my aunt a lot when she bakes cakes and her desserts but I don’t cook.When I moved here in the US, that’s how I started to learn how to cook just by looking up recipes online and watching food network. Mom is not around, so I got no choice and I want to impress Steve too. The first dish I made for him is fried rice with  garlic, ham and chicken. He was impressed and after that I was inspired to cook more. Now, I host dinner parties and holiday dinners is always at my house.





5.What are my kids summer activity ?  I didn’t enroll them to any camps. I was thinking about it,but me and my husband decided not to, we figured we will just have them enjoy their summer by letting them do whatever they want. So basically they swim in the pool a lot, play at the jungle gym and the sandbox. I also have a schedule rotation of play dates with their friends. It worked out good, that way life is  a little laid back. When back to school comes, we are going to be super busy again.Now, Olivia is going to pre-school this coming fall. I’m so excited for her and she is also looking forward to it . It’s going to feel weird that I’ll be child free for three days in a week , its only a couple hours though. But still, it feels weird and I’m going to miss them both but I’m also excited to enjoy that little “me” time.






swimsuit- GAP kids (sold out) similar design here

So, Now you know a little bit of me and my family. Thank you so much for reading and have a great week!


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