Denim and a Pop of Pink


Hello ! So we are back to blogging and social media posting. Life has  been a whirlwind lately. I couldn’t keep up with everything that’s been going on, in between the kids, husband, household, school activities and family. I feel like I’m always chasing time. But I don’t want to come here to complain. After all, there are certain things that happens  in life that we can’t control of and some things have to take a backseat for awhile. But I’m not giving up, we are back to blogging again!

For some of you who have been reading  my blog and following my social media, you already know I have an obsession with kids fashion. Most especially girls fashion ! There are tons of inspiration everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. They are so cute in their little outfits, I just can’t help it. I have to style my daughter Olivia on a fashionably cute way that I can think of. I don’t know why, but I  actually find it therapeutic every time I put her outfits together. Sometimes, I get cranky for whatever reason. I just go to her room and plan what’s her next outfit for story time at the Library. Omg ! I’m weird like that. But really, I love dressing up my daughter in whatever mood I’m in. I just enjoy it. The most fun part and one of the things I’m so lucky about her is that she likes her picture taken.  I have to say it’s not ALL the time, but most of the time. She have her moments just like everybody else but for the most part, she is game.

How do I plan her outfits and have her a part of the planning ? First, I grab two or three outfits that I can come up with, then I let her pick her accessories or I let her pick her accessories, then I build an outfit around it. That way, I know she loves what she is wearing that day. If she doesn’t like it, I have to changed it or else she is never going to wear it. She is a tough cookie.

So today, this is the outfit we came up with. She loves this pink Hunter boots. It’s her go to footwear from fall, winter and early spring. Her favorite color is pink, that’s why she wears a lot of pink and she will be wearing more especially this summer. So stay tune !

Thanks a lot for reading!

April and Olivia

Outfit Details :

jean jacket : H&M similar style here

romper : Levi’s (old) similar style here

boots : Hunter boots

headband: Children’s Place similar style here




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