Earth Tones


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This past two weeks, my life has been really busy on Halloween events with the kids plus an ongoing renovation in our living room. Me are hubby are so excited to get it done so we can have our life back to normal (the house is a total mess right now) and of course enjoy the new look. In case you are curious what’s it about, we are putting on hardwood floors in the living room. We always wanted to have that done but the kids were still so little. Now that Lucas is already seven and Olivia will be turning three soon on January, it’s about time to get that floor renovated. We also think it’s easier to clean and more hygienic than carpet as well. We will be free from carpet cleaning now. Wohoo! Well, except the kids room but that’s okay. At least, it’s lesser now. So, enough of my domestic talk and let’s move on to Olivia’s outfit of the day. I really love the color scheme here which is brown, gray and vanilla. It is warm, subtle and rustic. I always love this color combination . It’s also the dominant colors in our house and our closets. It is simple and easy on the eyes. Fall is the perfect season to showcase such earth tone colors since they compliment well with  the changing color of the leaves.

I hope you had a great time from last week’s Trick or Treating. We had a blast too !

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Olivia and April (mom)



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