Plaid Squad

DSC_4883Since my seven year old son Lucas doesn’t have school for two days, I took advantage of that time to do a photoshoot of him and Olivia together. Lucas is not really into pictorials and stuff like that. So, I was glad he finally agreed to do this. These kids grow up so fast, it’s crazy amazing. Although being a stay at home mom drives me insane and it’s definitely an exhausting job. It is such a blessing to be able to spend my time with the kids all the time.

Capturing these two that day wasn’t as easy as one, two, three. They have a big age gap and it’s kind of challenging to get both of their different needs  met at the same time. Inspite of it , it turned out all good. Thanks to big brother Lucas who is always so patient, understanding and being giving to his little sister. Lucas is always been a calm kid though and the sweetest  ever. I can’t count how many times that kid will tell me and his dad I LOVE YOU in one day. It’s a song in our ears and always gives us a smile in our faces. He loves to tell jokes, being funny and silly. Olivia on the other hand, loves to be the center of attention of all times. She is sweet too like Lucas and her nurturing side has been showing a lot more lately. When I’m eating, she will ask me, “Is the food good mommy? ” or “Are you okay mommy?” For a two and half years old she surprises me a lot. She is very quick, it scares me sometimes. I think because she is around with Lucas and kids older than her all the time that she picks up all kinds of things around her.

So there goes, my two squad team. Always kept me going, always kept me busy and also never fails to always gives me a smile on my face and gives me a reason to enjoy life.








Olivia wore :

  • dress : Gap Kids
  • vest : H&M kids
  • boots : Old Navy kids
  • hair bow : Forever 21

Lucas wore :

  • plaid shirt : Gymboree
  • jeans : Gymboree
  • vest : Old Navy kids
  • shoes : Sperry Topsider
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