Photo Session with Olivia


Photography on toddlers is definetely a challenge. It takes a lot of patience , creativity and imagination. Most of the time when we go to a place to shoot. I don’t bust out my camera right away. When I do that , I noticed Olivia won’t cooperate with me. So i did a different approach. We walked around first , I talked to her about the things around her. Something that I think would draw her attention. Like, I would point out the leaves , the flowers , the birds , the rocks.  I would make up all kinds of princesses or fairies stories to get her imagination going. Then when she starts to get comfortable with the place, thats when  i will start to shoot her candidly , when she feels like it she will pose for me. But that’s a good day of shoot. Like any normal toddler, she have moments too. There are times that I don’t even attempt to take her pictures even though how cute she looks in her outfit that day because she said “no”  and also I’m not in the mood to deal with it. There are also times that I couldn’t get a good shot of her at all, because she was too cranky or tired. So we come home with no pictures that day. On a good note, there are also times that she want me to take her pictures in a cute outfit. I would gladly do it only if I don’t have any other plans that day. So, it really all depends on the situation. You just have to go with the flow. Sometimes, it’s tough.Sometimes, it’s easy but it’s  always fun even the tough moments. I love our bonding, our laughs, our girl time and I love to capture that little moments.

Thank you so much for stopping by…

Olivia and April

Olivia wore :

  • dress : Gymboree
  • jackets : Oshkosh
  • shoes : Minnentonka kids





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