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Olivia’s outfit today reminds me of the outfits i used to wear back in the 90’s during my elementary years. The style of the backpack and the berks just bring back memories . It’s a staple back then and now this trend is back. As we are getting closer to the fall season, I’m cramming on trying to squeeze in Olivia’s summer looks last summer since I have been a slacker on my postings . I have been crazy busy during the summer and I can’t believe I was that busy. Having both kids around the house everyday for the whole day and making plans for everybody to keep them both busy and happy. Gosh, it is exhausting. I  barely even have time for myself. As soon as I start opening the laptop, my brain is already snoozing. I can’t write anymore. I’m ready for bed. I was thinking, how does other mommy bloggers do it, especially the ones who have the same number of kids as me or even more kids than me. How did they stay on top of it all ? Juggling between motherhood and being a blogger.I don’t know how they do it. I wish I could do it too but each and everyone have a different style in running the household.

Let’s go back and talk about my two and half year old sassy princess. To be honest, it seems like she is getting more comfortable in front of the camera lately. She follows directions and sometimes does her own thing. I get excited about it but sometimes it kind of scares me too. But I try not to think too negative about it as long as we are both having fun and enjoying this girl bonding together.

Thank you so much for reading!

Olivia and April

Olivia wore:

top: Old Navy
pants: Old Navy
sandals: Tj Maxx
backpack: Target
hair clips: Gymboree

DSC_4277 Sandals




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