Picnic Time


Summer is definetely the most busiest season. Aside from swimming in the pool or playing in the jungle gym almost every single day. I have to keep them busy with other family activities, like taking them to the park for a  family picnic, the beach, the waterpark. Anywhere that screams fun. I swear, keeping up with them is exhausting but it’s definetely worth it. I wouldn’t trade all my experiences with them with anything else. Everything about it, is the most memorable ever. Now, let’s talk about Olivia’s outfit. Since this is basically a fashion blog for this little one and I’m trying  to keep this blog strictly for kids fashion.

That morning, on the day we are going to have a picnic at the park. I picked up an outfit for her to style. I chose the white top and denim shorts as a canvas. I like to play styling sessions with my daughter. We both enjoy it, actually. Sometimes, I let her to her do her own thing and go crazy with all the ribbons and tutus. Sometimes, I lay out outfits with accessories and have her pick which one she likes to wear that day. Sometimes, just like this day I picked out a set of  outfit and just let her pick which accessories she likes to go with it. Sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t. But whatever, she is having fun that’s what matters.Today, Olivia did a hit on her choice of accessories. The headband matches her sandals and that headband stayed on her head all day. I guess she is getting used to it now because before I couldn’t get anything stay on her head longer than a minute. So what about you. What are you up to this summer? I’m sure It’s fun and exciting too.

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Olivia and April

Olivia wore :

  • top : Gapkids
  • shorts : Gymboree
  • headband : Target
  • sandals :Gymboree


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