Grey and Blue


Though Olivia is such a girly girl in nature. She is so hyper and always up to something on making new discoveries. So that’s why I always make her wear something that is comfortable,at the same time chic for my taste. I always enjoy dressing up my kids although it’s quite challenging because I can’t really go overboard sometimes since¬†they have their own mind, their own taste, their own decisions. It’s impressive that as young as two years old, they show all these qualities. As Olivia grows up, she has becoming her own person. One day she feels like a princess, she wants to wear a tutu or a fancy dress. The next day, she feels adventurous, she wants to wear shorts,basic dress or a skirt. It’s cute and fun to watch her evolve day by day and I’m excited for what the future holds. I always hope it’s all for the best.


Olivia and mommy April

Olivia wore :

  • Top : Old Navy
  • headband : H&M
  • skirt : H&M
  • vest : Oshkosh
  • sandals : TJ Maxx



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