Not So Girly Look





The “I’m done look”.

I love Olivia’s outfit here coz it’s not so girly. Instead she looks so cool that I want it for my own too, in adult size. I want the whole thing except the kitty cap. I love dressing up little ones . They’re so fun and cute. I would say I have done my share amount of time dressing up my little boy which is no longer  little anymore but still little . He is seven years old and he is making his own fashion choices now. I make some suggestions but basically it comes down to his style. On the other hand with Olivia, I’m so glad I have a little princess who is down with me on all these. Actually, she got me into an idea of making her, her own blog. Since almost everyday she likes to play dress up. She wants to change her clothes many times a day! But she’s toned down now because too much of it, is not a good thing and it drives me cray cray. I guess she likes me taking her pictures too. Last week , when we were just staying home most days of the week and we have no shoot  because the photographer have a PMS. She approached me and said “Mama, let’s go go. Cheese!” ( “cheese” My lingo when I want to take her pictures).Either she likes me to take her pictures or her excuse to go out or both. I don’t know . But it’s cute and funny when she said that. It’s amazing how these little ones just makes you smile and turn your day around.


Olivia and mommy April

Olivia wore :

  • top : Old Navy ( sold out ) similar style here
  • pants: Old Navy
  • sneakers : Converse
  • cap : H&M ( sold out ) similar style here
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