Since little Olivia likes Minnie Mouse, we decided to dress up like one today. Hmmm….not exactly spot on but somewhat similar. After i dressed her up I told her “Now, you look like Minnie Mouse!”. She excitedly ran to the nearest mirror, checked herself  then said out loud “Minnie Mouse!”. I wished I would have found the Mickey Mouse headband  that is shaped like Mickey Mouse ears that we got from her cousin Justin’s birthday party but it’s nowhere to be found. That would have been cool and more convincing that she indeed dressed up like Minnie that day. How fun! It’s definetely fun having a girl and do little girl stuffs but don’t be fooled by the sweetness and cuteness overload of a little girl brings because when drama strikes it strikes hard. Just like the other night, when I was trying to put her to bed she suddenly asked for an Ipad with her while she is trying to sleep. I said “No baby, it’s time for bed. You want me to read you another book?” She replied “No!  Ipad.” “No Ipad for bed time,you know that.” “Ipaaaad!”. See, that’s what I’m talking about. That was just a slight one but she knows how to start drama. Regardless, I love her to death, drama and all.

Olivia wore :

  • jean jacket : Oshkosh
  • floral shirt: Kohls
  • skirt: Children’s Place
  • shoes: Converse
  • dog purse: Poochie and Co. (gifted)
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