I love this preppy look that Olivia is sporting right now. I was like “Can I steal your look Olivia ? ” She just looked at me, she doesn’t get it yet. Then I ask again, “Can I borrow your dress?” She replied “Sure mommy!”. For a two and a half years old, she interacts pretty good, very quick and witty. Everytime we passed by Lucas’s school, she goes “Lucas school, pick up Lucas!” and by the time we picked up her big brother she ran to him screaming “Lucas!” and gave him a big hug.I’ve been working on trying to teach her to call her big brother “kuya Lucas”.Kuya means big brother in Filipino (yes, my kids are bi racial half English/Polish and half Filipino).In the Philippines, you have to address your big brother “kuya” or else you will be disowned by your entire clan, just kidding. It’s just the way it is there. Each Filipino siblings have their own heirarchy names. In case you are curious, here are the list in order from the eldest to youngest, if there will be succeeding siblings, you will repeat to the top. That’s what I know, correct me if I’m wrong.

Male            Female
Kuya             Ate
Diko            Ditse
Sangko       sanse
Buns0         bunso

So there, I just shared you some Filipino vocabularies. So back to the story of teaching Olivia to call Lucas “kuya” or “kuya Lucas”. I truly believe on what they say that the most effective way in teaching your kids is not just by telling them what to do but also setting an example. So I have to start calling my son Lucas  “kuya” so she would immitate me, kind of  hard because I have called him Lucas since forever, don’t count cute little nick names that I squeeze in time to time. My point is, once I’m set on my ways it’s kind of hard to tweak, but I’m trying. Although we live in America , living the American life. I share to them a part of my culture and tradition. Our plan one day, is to take the kids to a vacation to the Philippines once they are big enough to remember and understand things. That would be interesting and I’m excited for that. After all, I’m a good tour guide.

Olivia wore:

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