Mommy Talk : Mother’s Day


Oh, hi there !  I wanted to get this post out even if it’s a day after Mother’s day. I never got the time to squeeze in a post during the weekend because we are so busy celebrating and enjoying mother’s day weekend and I thought it would be nice to document special events like this on the blog. So let me  introduce to you myself. I’m April ( the lady sandwiched between two kids ), Olivia’s mom and the person behind this children’s fashion blog. The little boy is my first child and my one and only son Lucas, he is seven years old.  He was my first buddy, though he is still is but he goes to school wholeday everyday now, so our buddy system is not the way it used to be. Ofcourse, I miss our little adventures  day by day ,24/7, sun up till sun down and I felt so grateful and blessed to experienced, witnessed and being part ALL of it. To be honest, there were times when he was still  three or four that I can’t wait for him to start to go to school because I just had an overwhelming day at home that time. You know, it’s not always pleasant and picture perfect all the time. But when he started to go to school even if Olivia gets me occupied, I really missed our times together. I used to say “This kid is so clingy!” or “He is such a Mama’s boy!”, I didn’t realize I missed that clinginess and I want him to be a Mama’s boy forever ! Sorry future girlfriends.I’m your greatest competition, just kidding ! . My point is , how fast they  grow. It’s like a blink of an eye. The journey is  just amazing when I come to think of it. That’s why I’m making these two kids their own email accounts. Me and hubby will email them our thoughts time to time , their achievements and milestones.So when they are on the age that they know how to use their emails. They can just read our feelings and our thoughts about them through the years and how they were when they were little . I got this idea from Vanessa Minillo Lachey’s blog. I’m glad I knew about this now, we should have thought about this before.But hey, it’s never too late .So what do you think of this idea? I think it’s a brilliant addition of our family traditions.

We wore :

  • Mommy April

top: American rag (sold out) similar here

  • Lucas

shirt : Gap similar here

  • Olivia

dress : Gap kids (sold out) similar here

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