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I can’t believe that as young as two years old , little girls like Olivia already started  to play dress up. As far as I remember me and my sister started to play dress up when we were six. Yesterday, when we were playing in her room she suddenly got up went to her closet and started to look for tutus. She loves tutus. After she wears them, she turns around in circle. It’s  crazy cute to watch and she usually calls them ” Let it Go” the theme song from the movie Frozen. We don’t have the pink, white and blue ones clean since she literally wears them almost everyday. So we picked up the black tutu instead. She doesn’t like it at first but when she noticed the glitters she wants to wear it. Since Olivia likes dogs and cats , I thought this cat t-shirt that I got from H & M kids is a perfect  match. When she saw it ,she was like ” Kitty ! Oh Kitty ! ” The reaction and expression was so cute. It reminds me of myself when I get excited when I shop. Olivia doesn’t like anything to put on her head unless if she really  likes it, just like the case of this tutu headband which is her new favorite. Im so glad because there are times I couldn’t get her to wear any headbands or haiclips at all. Speaking of hairclips, I don’t think I could get Olivia to wear any hairclips anytime soon. She doesn’t feel comfortable at all. She gets fascinated at some but when I try to put on her. She takes them off in couple seconds later. Since Olivia is in a play dress up mood and picture mood. I took the opportunity to take a few shots.

Olivia wore :

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