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Finally, Spring has sprung and who’s excited to run around carefree and carelessly ? No other than my cutie Olivia, the front of this kids style blog Oh hi, Sunshine.

Today, I  chose a transitional outfit for Olivia. In Michigan, sometimes weather could get a little tricky specially on early spring, it could get warm then suddenly it gets cold and windy. So I picked a sweater then layer it  with a vest, just incase it gets a little chilly for her. Since we are at the mall and we don’t really hang outside the whole time. I picked some sandals. I think it matches cute with her vest and sweater. I just can’t get over how happy she was  as  I took her out from the stroller and she starts running around and dancing outside. As a photography obsessed person, I went ahead to do my thing. Snap, snap and snap.That smile on her face, it’s just precious. Take a glimpse more of Olivia’s fashion adventure and also kids related fashion posts

Olivia wore:

  • pants : Children’s Place
  • sweater: Gymboree
  • vest: Macy’s
  • sandals: GAP
  • sunglasses : GAP
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